Christmas Service

Kristy and I enjoyed nine days with our families over the holidays. We spent much of the time conversing over meals and drinks, and needless to say I returned to Charlottesville with a couple extra pounds around my midriff.

In reflecting on our dinners, I  wonder at what point a ‘great spread’ turns into overindulgence. Rather than spend too much time contemplating the past, I made a resolve to spend more time contributing to the community next holiday season.

My idea is simple – next year replace one family dinner with a community service activity. Some of the volunteer opportunities I found include boxing meals at the local food bank, helping with a childrens home’s holiday party, and volunteering at a shelter.

If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities, is a good place to start.


  1. judy says:

    Do you remember when we bagged meals at Lighthouse in Pontiac for families at Thanksgiving?

  2. Patrice Lally says:

    I watched and rewatched “In the Valley of the Wolves” and the filming was incredible. The scene of the eagle swooping down on the coyote and stealing its food just left my mouth agape. Breathtaking. As was the scene of the red fox diving into the snow to retrieve the bole. What amazing footage! My wife and I visited Yellowstone for our first time this past summer (drove from Chambersburg PA) and were so impressed with the park. What Mr. Landis depicted, however, is a part of Yellowstone we tourists never see. Thank you for a wonderful production. I am curious though his technique to get such fantastic video. One can even hear wings flapping, bison snorting, and aspens quaking. How in the world can you get that close without arousing the animals?

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