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After two years of blog inactivity I’ve had an impulse to start blogging again.  For the first part of these last two years I was actively writing in my journal. Which slowly went by the wayside. Partly because I grew tired of carrying the weight of my journal, and partly because I started logging my runs […]

15 Books

One of my Facebook friends posted a note listing fifteen books they found influential. Here is my list of fifteen books (off the top of my head). 1984 by George Orwell Born to Run by Christopher Mcdougall The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand The […]

Cash for Clunkers

The US government recently passed legislation to promote owners of older and fuel inefficient vehicles to trade in their cars for new fuel efficient models (USA Today Story). There are two immediate benefits of this bill. First, it stimulates the economy and props up the auto industry by incentivizing the sale of new cars. Second, […]

Signal in the Noise

Around New Years of 2009 we canceled our cable TV and in the last six months I have probably watched less than three hours of television. It’s not like I went to Walden Pond, as I’m still watching movies and spend plenty of time surfing the Internet. What I did accomplish was a fairly clean […]

Writing with a Pen

Recently I started writing more frequently with a pen, and have been pleasantly surprised by the speed of my composition. Compared to typing at the computer, writing by hand seems to be faster and my sentences have a better flow. Spelling remains an issue, and it is somewhat inefficient to re-type what I have already […]